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Returning to the Wisdom of Life

Traditional Chinese society was guided by the teachings of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism. Confucianism focuses on proper interpersonal relationships; Daoism teaches us how to live in harmony with nature; ....

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Meditation—Discovering the Heart of Love

During the past year we have carried out quite a few compassionate activities, but I hope that everybody will begin to put more emphasis on meditation. Through meditation we discover our genuine heart. Meditation is the true heart.

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Sincere dialogue as a way of healing

We stand here today in this place which has borne witness to such terrible suffering not only to remember the past. For by remembering this dark chapter of history we can see that the difference between heaven and hell lies in our own hearts.

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In the midst of tranquility, silently illuminating the original mind.

Actually, on the spiritual level conflict doesn’t exist, but awakening to this requires guidance, inspiration, and—most importantly—meditation. This is especially true in this era of information overload and the globalization of confused values.

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