2016/11/3 Photog:April Lee Translator:Winston Loh

What a free heart! No matter where or when our heart is complete in its own natural state. Because of attachment, all kinds of mind states will begin to arise. Then our heart is no longer full and complete. ~Quotes from Master Hsin Tao~

2016/10/11 Photog:Andy Fu Translator:Winston Loh

When we are sick, we can’t pracice. When something is wrong with our family, we can’t pracice. When obstacles arise or condions are not right, we can’t pracice. We are only able to practice Buddha’s teaching in this life, because of the good karma we have created in the past lives! ~Quotes from Master Hsin Tao~

2016/10/4 Photog:Andy Fu Translator:Winston Loh

In everyday life we are usually attached to the outcome of our actions . We wish for success and we are afraid of failure. When our heart is this, then we will be swept into the current of birth and death.~Quotes from Master Hsin Tao~