Starting From a Tranquil Heart, Caring for the Earth

 Photo:A-wei  Writing:Master Hsin Tao  2019/10/15

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History repeats itself due to forgetfulness, and greed is the root of calamity. Every time another disaster occurs people invariably raise the issues of global warming and environmental degradation.

Despite our best intentions to protect the environment, however, it often happens that human greed comes out on top. As such, its force accumulates over time and repeatedly gives rise to new disasters. Ending this cycle of natural disasters requires not only sound environmental policies, but also the control of our own greed. Only when there is harmony between man and nature will it be possible for life on Earth to remain a viable proposition.

It's said in the Buddhist scriptures that all things are born of the mind. All of the calamities and natural disasters we see in the world today are not without causereason; they arise out of the greed, hatred, delusion, arrogance, and doubt which lie in the human heart. Only by extirpating these five poisonsour own hearts will it be possible for there to be harmony between humanity and the natural world.

In order to insure our continued existence as a species we have to start with a deep understanding of human suffering. Such an understanding makes it possible to eliminate both inner and outer tribulation, and forms the foundation for the creation of a peaceful and harmonious global family of peace and love.

By understanding this and attentively listening to the peace within ourselves, we will have the wisdom and love necessary to cherish and protect our precious home—the Earth.