In the midst of tranquility, silently illuminating the original mind.

 Photo:Claire  Writing:Master Hsin Tao  2019/10/28


Meditation for the Masses—The Global Inner Peace Movement was held at the Daan Forest Park in April. During the course of the event people learned how to practice silent meditation to awaken their spiritual nature and let go of attachment to the endless pursuit of possessions, wealth, relationships, and fame. This is how to attain the kind of inner tranquility which sharpens one's perception and increases self-awareness.

We start with ourselves and then increasingly share our tranquility with ourselves and then increasingly share our tranquility with others. Treading the path of peace together and leading lives of contentment and simplicity, we can enjoy peace and harmony in our relationship with others, society, and nature.

Actually, on the spiritual level conflict doesn’t exist, but awakening to this requires guidance, inspiration, and—most importantly—meditation. This is especially true in this era of information overload and the globalization of confused values. The idea is to promote world peace by encouraging the practice of meditation. For inner peace is the starting point of world peace.

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, people tend to forget the importance of tranquility. But it is only in the midst of tranquility that we return to ourselves, live a natural and meaningful life, find what can really be relied on, and find what is worth making a commitment to. Only in serenity can we realize truth, awaken to our connection with nature, and appreciate life.

We vow to: spread the glad tidings of the spirit; protect the Earth; promote the practice of merit and wisdom; and give the world a new lease on life!