Meditation—Discovering the Heart of Love

 Photo:claire   Writing:Master Hsin Tao  2019/11/18

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Looking at all the suffering in the world today, all the greed, hatred, and delusion, we can see that the most intense suffering is mental. But as soon as we understand the mind, no matter what difficulty we may encounter, we are always able to face it with a positive, active,healthy, and altruistic attitude.

The MWR was set up to help followers of different religions listen to and understand each other, alleviate conflicts, and promote personal and global harmony. Those who are involved with Ling Jiou Mountain have a connection with Buddhism, so they are naturally striving to cultivate inner awareness as well as engage in compassionate activity; this is our ideal.Finding and affirming yourself, you begin to shine, and then you set yourself and others on the road which leads awayperplexity and towards our true home.

The cultivation of compassion is the value of life. This is love. When we are loving, everything is beautiful; without love, we are blind to beauty. Love is compassion. So how do we make love a reality in our lives? When we use love to moisten all things, then all things moisten us, increasing our energy and happiness. So many people today have lost their way and don't understand the meaningvalue of life. Knowing that the heart is the source of true happiness is a great fortune and brings profound peace. This is the bountiful and true mind of meditation and compassion.

During the past year we have carried out quite a few compassionate activities, but I hope that everybody will begin to put more emphasis on meditation. Through meditation we discover our genuine heart. Meditation is the true heart.

Deep meditative experience rejuvenates our energy and purifies our motivation for engaging in compassionate work. We all belong to the same human community, and I hope that everybody becomes increasingly healthy and vigorous so that we are capable of making an even greater contribution to the alleviation of suffering in the world.